Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Week's Blinged Shuttles

I finished decoupaging three shuttles this week. The one with hearts is the second version of the one that I wrote about in my previous post. I didn't like the final effect and decided to strip off everything on it and start over. This time I used Martha Stewart Crafts High Gloss Finish instead of the UV-activated gel. I like the results much better this time.

For the teal and gold shuttle I used a handmade paper made from cotton fibers. I bought the paper in our local Ten Thousand Villages store where I volunteer. I like the rustic finish of the paper which even shows through the gloss finish.

For the floral pattern shuttle I used a sheet from a Love Nicole Vintage Wallpaper paper pad that I found at AC Moore. This paper is thicker than the origami paper that I usually use. So far, it seems to be adhering to the plastic shuttle with no problem. 

Both papers were glued on with Mod Podge and then, after drying, I applied a couple of thin coats of the High Gloss Finish. All the shuttles are Moonlits that I purchased from Handy Hands.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Valentine Tatting Shuttle

In time for Valentine's Day, my latest "blinged" shuttle. This was my 1st attempt using UV-activated gel as a top coat. I think I made the coating too thick as it stayed tacky even after applying the UV light several times. So next time I try this I'll apply multiple, but thinner, coats. I ended up applying a final coat of Martha Stewart Crafts High Gloss Finish (HGF) which hardened the surface and eliminated the tacky feel.

The hearts are puffy stickers from AC Moore. The shuttle is a Ruby Gem Moonlit shuttle from Handy Hands.


Still fiddling around with this shuttle! The coat of the HGF didn't adhere to the gel surface to the point that I could peel it off. Disappointed with how the shuttle looked, I decided to peel everything off and start over. Getting the gel off required a lot of soaking in non-acetone nail polish remover and scraping off sticky residue. In the process the stickers were damaged, but luckily I has dozens of them left. 

After applying new stickers, I brushed on a thin coat of the HGF and left the shuttle to dry overnight. I plan to add 2 more coats and see if I like the results better. It's all a learning process, and, at this point, I'm still learning about using the UV-activated gel and whether or not I like working with it.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine"s Day Boxes with Tatted Hearts

Ten little boxes ready for Valentine's Day. The tatted hearts are in Rosemarie Peel's heart pattern and are in size 20 Lizbeth or Flora threads. The larger heart is the same pattern but changing the double stitches from 6 to 9 and the picots from 3 to 5. The boxes are from Target. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Off the Needles: Twisted Toque

Another hat finished, this time a knitted one. The pattern is "Twisted Toque" from 60 Quick Knits: 20 Hats, 20 Scarves, 20 Mittens in Cascade 220 (Sixth&Spring Books/Cascade Yarn, 2010, pgs. 52-3). Knit in the round, this hat worked up quickly and, of course, there was no sewing other than working in the beginning and ending yarn tails.

The generous 3.5" ribbing allows you two ways to wear the hat.

Ribbing turned up:

Ribbing turned down:

Although the book was written for Cascade 220 yarn, based on this and other projects I've knitted from this book, I think any worsted-weight yarn will do. 

I used Plymouth Yarn Company's "Encore Colorspun" in colorway "Drifting," a heathery light oatmeal shade. Encore is my go-to yarn when I want to use a nicer acrylic than what I often find in the big craft stores. It's 75% acrylic and 25% wool; you can still machine wash and dry like other acrylics, but the wool addition gives it a softer feel.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Off the Needles: Scarf with Colorful Tufts

Continuing to work through my stash of odd balls of yarn, I made this scarf out of one ball of Premier Yarns' "Flowers" in colorway "Spring Bouquet." The yarn is a mix of 88% acrylic and 12% wool. The colorful tufts are carried along on a separate strand that is wound around the thicker strand. I'm not sure why I only bought one skein; maybe it was to just try it out to see if I'd like it in a project.

I knitted the piece in a simple K1P1 rib until I ran out of yarn. I'm disappointed that the scarf came out a lot smaller than I'd hoped. The finished size is 5.5" by 28.5"...too small for an adult-size scarf. I'll probably put it in the charity projects collection in the hope that some child will love wearing it.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pink Pussycat Hats

In preparation for the Women's March in Raleigh on January 20, I've been knitting pink pussycat hats for my sister, daughter, and me.

The yarn is just some odd balls of acrylic that I had on hand. The labels were long gone, but I suspect the solid pink might be a Bernat brand yarn that I bought for charity knitting.

And I'm pretty sure the pink ombre is a James C. Brett's "Marble" yarn, but I don't know what colorway it is. 

Since this was meant to be a quickie project, I didn't want to use a pattern that required much work. After searching through Ravelry, I found Louise Santa Ana's free pattern, "Pussy Hat in the Round", which requires no sewing other than weaving in yarn tails and a 3-needle bind off. There are quite a few pink pussycat hat patterns on the Web, but I don't think you'd find a simpler, quicker one to knit up. And it doesn't take much yarn; in fact, I got 2 hats from the the full skein of the James C. Brett yarn. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Off the Hook: 1st Project of 2018 Finished

Wow. has it gotten cold here in central North Carolina this week. I want to be completely bundled up from head to toe when I go out, so I crocheted this hat this week. The pattern is one I used for two berets I made for my daughter in past years. It's "Phannie", a free pattern from the Berroco yarn company.

 I used a bit over one skein of Universal Yarn's 100% acrylic yarn "Patchwork" in colorway Granite #204. I hate scratchy directly on my skin, so I like this yarn because it's soft and squishy and not itchy at all. I make the single-crochet rows that form the headband a bit wider than the pattern calls for so that I could pull the hat down over my ears when it's bitter cold outside.